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David H.

John H, our repair tech, was absolutely amazing. 5 min early, overly conscious about wearing face mask, booties, and gloves and more importantly got us up and running in no time. He even went so far as to salvage the parts from an old unit next door to get us heat while he overnighted new parts for our furnace. Can recommend these guys with 100% confidence you will be happy!

Charles H.

Entek installed a zone system in our two story home about 6 months ago. We could never get our upstairs cool enough without the downstairs freezing. In the winter, it took forever to heat up the house. The zone system totally solved both problems. We are more comfortable and the system is much more efficient. It lets us cool or heat the area that needs it. The crew was here most of a day but we hardly knew they were here. Now, we have a system we can control that also saves us money. I would highly recommend these pros.

Victoria T.

On Sunday, we woke to a rather warm house instead of a cool one. Our HVAC was not blowing cold air, only the fan was blowing. The temperature was climbing, it was already 78 degrees. Previously, Entek came out to AeroSeal our ductwork. So, we called you folks out to take a look at the HVAC. Aaron was here in less than a few hours to assess the problem. He had to recharge our unit and balance the pressure. And, BAM, instant cold air! Thank you Entek and Aaron. You folks are a lifesaver.

G. M.

The inspector, Larry Mulock, came by just as your guys were cleaning up and signed off the installation. He stated, “This is the best installation he has ever inspected.” My wife and I are VERY pleased not only with the installation but the equipment as well. I signed the contract and sent a check today. Thanks for everything!

Cressy W.

Entek came out to my house and did a full analysis of my heating system.  Brad was very knowledable, but more importantly had an amazing personality and made the experience very pleasant.  Brad recommended several options, an ala carte menu if you will, that included their awesome Aeroseal process.  This is a really cool technology, somewhat expensive, but the savings on your heating bills over the years is a huge return.  I will be doing that for sure, maybe next year.  Their customer service from the analysis to the actual maintenance done on my unit met and exceeded my standards of service.  Thanks Entek…you will be my only call for service on an annual basis!

Sab L.

The old school craftsmanship of planning and engineering, along with the well trained technicians and the state of the art equipment and testing made this job run smooth. They created a thermal envelope to keep air out for no leakage and also used chemical free insulation.

Dann S.

Entek performed air duct cleaning in my home yesterday.  For all you non-believers in air duct cleaning, start believing.  The first tangible benefits of air duct cleaning were clear by yesterday evening; more even distribution of heat in the house and a cleaner, crisper smell (according to my daughter).  Tyler from Entek did a fantastic job.  I asked many questions, helped him move things around the house, and watched him work.  I learned a lot.  He was very open to discussing and showing what he was doing. I can tell you this morning that the air quality in the house is better because my severe allergies are not as active as they were yesterday morning when we had the same weather outside.  The long term benefits I hope are reduced dust in the house making house cleaning easier and more effective and even better air quality as my air purifiers keep pulling stuff out of the air and they aren’t fighting the many years of build up in the air ducts.  Entek will be performing regular maintenance on my furnace and AC unit going forward.  They have many maintenance contract options.  I signed up for an annual contract for $185/yr which includes two visits, labor for cleaning and maintaining the units, and discounts on parts and labor for things that need to be fixed beyond regular maintenance.

Mattis W.

Thank you for your recent project on our residence. It was a privilege and honor to have your company update the duct work and attic renovations to make it more efficient and cost saving now and in the future.

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