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Why HVAC Duct Cleaning Could Be Vital to Your Health and Safety

Having an HVAC system is a great way to control the temperature in your home, but many people don’t know that an HVAC unit can also contribute to your health and safety—or diminish it. While the system is working to create the perfect temperature for you, it could also be grabbing harmful material out of the air, such as pet dander, dust, and pollen, and shooting it into your living room. When you have HVAC duct cleaning performed on your HVAC, you can ensure that your ducts continue to do their job correctly. Without proper maintenance, the buildup created in […]


5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your HVAC This Winter in Vancouver WA

Owning an HVAC unit in Vancouver, WA, means you’ll have to really put it to use in the winter. The winter months can cause a temperature drop that requires you to have a proper heating system installed and for it to work to its best ability. With so much use, it’s easy for HVAC systems to work harder than they should and leave you with a higher than normal energy bill. Though your unit may get more use in these colder months, there are ways you can make sure it’s not being overused. You can prepare your HVAC for the […]


How Do Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

A hundred years ago, there were relatively few ways of heating and cooling a house. Heating was generally done with gas, propane, or even a wood-burning furnace. Homes were cooled using large, bulky air conditioning systems that had a tendency to use a great deal of energy. These days, however, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. This has had the benefit of making both heating and cooling utilize far less power than before, leading to more energy-efficient, green HVAC systems, as well as cheaper energy bills. The other result of technological advancement is an increase in the heating and […]


What Are the Pros and Cons of a Natural Gas Air Conditioner?

For decades, electric units have been the go-to choice for air conditioning. They’ve been affordable, easy to use, and ubiquitous. But as the technology has developed and the energy market has shifted, natural gas heating and cooling has gained more and more of a seat at the table. Chances are, you may have lived your entire life with electric air conditioners without knowing there was even another option. If you’ve been unsatisfied with your current unit, though, this may be the perfect opportunity to switch. While they both work toward the same goal, there are plenty of differences between natural […]


Installing a Smart Thermostat Can Optimize Home Temperature

What Is a Smart Thermostat? A smart thermostat can alter the temperature of the home remotely, with the use of a tablet, phone, or other device that is connected to the internet, such as a smart speaker. They are designed to allow you to change the temperature settings, install programs, make exceptions, and manage the settings of your home so the automation can be more energy-efficient and help save you money. What Else Can a Smart Thermostat Do? Depending on the thermostat, some specific models have built-in features such as the ability to learn your heating and cooling preferences. Ultimately, […]